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Learning Objectives

In order to improve patient care, after participating in one or more of these activities, optometry students as well as optometrists, should be better able to:


  • Detect the early signs and symptoms of a variety of ophthalmic diseases and conditions

  • Discuss the current and emerging treatment options available for a variety of ophthalmic diseases and conditions

  • Recognize the best time to refer patients to an ophthalmic specialist


Each case-based module is designed to be brief in nature. However, each module is highly interactive, taking the learner through a challenging case, stopping along the way at strategic decision points and teaching moments.   Each case module includes several unique features designed to enrich the learning experience:


  1. Practice management pearls (i.e. patient communication tips, reimbursement advice, etc.)

  2. A series of “what if” scenarios (i.e., what if this patient presented with different symptoms – what would you do differently?) 

  3. A downloadable (PDF) discussion guide, designed to help facilitate the conversation between the students and their preceptors  

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